Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Newsletter for May 2

ITs a new week...Mothers Day week no less. What a good excuse to come in right?
There are a few things I wanted to highlight for you this week.

The first is McCoy Pottery. I'm a little hesitant to tell you about this one mainly because I want to keep this little secret to myself. But hav you heard of McCoy Pottery? It's highly collectable which means a little pricey right? Wrong, we carry it and sell it cheap. And in honor of spring FINALLY making it's debut, we give you a plant with any mccoy planter. Still curious? You can check out their history by clicking HERE.

not warm enough to plant and you just want to cuddle up in a blanket for a little while longer? You should see the quilts we have in shop. I have some of the greatest vendors and my two quilt vendors have two completely different styles. Ive really been able to study that this week with the quilts in the store.

One builds on tradition and vintage fabrics paired with classic patterns and hand me . The other is makin her own niche with new funky fabrics, eclectic piecing and her own flare.

Where they flow together is they're united desire to create a work of art. A Piece to be treasured, used and abused for years to come. So whether your looking to cover a bed, a baby, or a wall; I'm sure you will be able to finde one (or two or three) that will work.
AND this week is the week to get them because I am giving 20% off!!

Last thing to mention...has mothers day crept up on you like it has for me? I'm at a loss for wha to get the moms in my life. And don't have much time to shop not to mention my mom is SO hard to shop for! Any of this sounding uncannily familiar? What about a gift certificate to the boutique? You could make a day of it with lunch and shopping... your treat :) Stop by and pick up a gift certificate, available in any denomination you choose!

See you soon!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our First Newsletter!

Good morning friends!  The store is up and going, and I'm outside suntanning....oh what I can't tan in the snow?  Ok fine, I'm really spending ALL my time in the store.  It's like my new baby that I coo all over and spend every waking moment with.
We redecorated for Mom's Day...(yes it's in two short weeks) and the store has a whole new feel to it.  So come on down and check it out.
We also have a few specials going....
First off, visit us on FaceBook and "like" our page.  Then mention you saw us on FB and receive 10% off one regularly priced item.  This ends Saturday April 30, so hurry in!
While your there, sign up for our mailing list and be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to the store!
Onto a few highlights!~~~

If your looking for something simple yet elegant for mom and you don't want to go with the same old bouquet you gave last year I have two options for you!  Some great silk floral designs that you'll see strewn throughout the store.  We've taken beautiful vases, thrown (not really) simple florals in and voila you've got elegance in a vase!  The best part is Mom won't need to throw these flowers out in a week.  And to make a beautiful deal more appealing, 20% off these floral beauties this week!

Option two...."so that's great Molly", you say "but my mom likes the sweeter things in life" ok ok I have a solution there too!  How about a box of chocolates from nates moms chocolates.  She offers 4 piece, 6 piece and 12 piece truffle boxes.  She even offers sweet treat bouquets on special order.  All the truffles are handmade, hand dipped and OH SO YUMMY!  Did I mention she's offering "buy one get one 25% off" through Mothers Day?  SWEET!

OK great, you think, I still haven't sparked your interest for Mom's Day ideas?  Lemme try this...
Beehive Soaps.  They are handmade soaps made LOCALLY.  The artisan has a fabulous knack for combining unusual scents resulting in smell heaven!  Not only that, handmade soap is a great moisturizer, uses natural ingredients and makes a great "pampering" gift!  But don't trust my "nose" for it, come down and smell for yourself.

Now that you have been so thoughtful and giving towards mom, lets look at a little gift for you.   We have the greatest reclaimed bureau!
My darling at "A Little Chic" has brought in this beautiful piece, mixed with her own ingenious take!  I was thinking office, man cave, hallway, boys room...where would you put it?
Hurry in, there's only one and I cant guarantee I won't load it up in my own truck and take it home.

Well guys and gals, thats what I have for this week.  You really need to come see the store for yourself, this is only a small taste of whats here.   Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

And now the girls from Blue Door

So what do you think about this “Spring” Weather?  I know March is supposed to be in like a lion out like a lamb, but does that pertain to days?  As in, this morning it snowed this afternoon my son had baseball practice and didnt even need a jacket??!!  Today was a nice break.  I’m holding out hope that I can pull out my shorts soon. 
We are marching forward quickly with the boutique opening, and I wanted to make some more introductions.
Natalie and Katie of Blue Door, and I go “way back”  Natalie was involved in our boutique a few different times.  She had great ideas!  My personal favorite, flower picks that read "grow dammit".  She is an amazing photographer and a busy, busy mom.  Katie is a friend of hers that lives close.  Together, they have tried to offer  things that meant little to us during our childhood, but take us back to those school days.  They offer many vintage inspired items and great antiques as well as Natalie's photos.
Welcome to Blue Door! We are Katie and Natalie, friends and owners of our little shop. We like big hair, raising babies, local bakeries, and anything old and on sale! We are both eager thrifters and love to scourge for a good deal. We have both been collecting antiques and vintage items for years, and recently decided to come together and sell some of our prized treasures. Which ever ones we could bear to part with, of course! 
Both natives of Utah, we are both currently living with our families in Lehi. You can learn more about us and view some of the items we will be selling at our web site
I love the way these girls throwback to old school house days.  It reminds me of much simpler days.  Maybe thats what intrigued me about them in the first place.  
How about you, have we piqued your interest yet?  How bout if I throw in some visual stimulation?  Will that help??  OK, here you go...enjoy!
These are the Girls behind Blue it just me or did this pic make you even more anxious to see really who they were?

I love this chair!  The distressing techniques they use are amazing!

My second grade teacher had a desk just like this.  Maybe not with the drawer liners oh man am I taken back!

Well that's all for today!  Think I'll plan a picnic for tomorrow and hope it doesn't rain or snow...which is a valid concern in Utah!  


Monday, March 28, 2011

Introducing the DeMille's

Good thing it’s been snowing outside.  Otherwise I might think I was missing out on great weather trying to get “moved in” per se.
This week as I’m trying to get our own store up, displays in, shelves hung, that sort of thing, I’ve had Arden on my mind.  Thinking it would be nice to have him here for his expertise.  So how appropriate to showcase his talent in this post.
  I found the DeMille’s on KSL, but hello, they live far, far away!  It’s a good thing  I didn't type in a zip code that was close to me or I never would have found these rare gems.  It just so happens Jacque travels to Salt Lake valley for work once a week, so once again things all fell into place and our working relationship began.
  I have loved working with Jacque because she, with the help of her hubby, have brought such a level of excitement and thought of many new ideas that I think are going to be awesome.  Without further ado, let me introduce to you the DeMille’s...

Arden and Jacque DeMille
Arden and I have been married for over 18 years and have three adorable teens; Cory 17, Chelsea 15, and Jackson 12.  They keep us on our toes and we love them for it.  Arden has worked as a custom cabinet maker and woodworker for over 26 years now.  He loves to make beautiful things and I’m more than happy to keep him busy with my wish list of beautiful things I would like him to make.  I work at a medical laboratory 3 days a week.  The rest of my time is split between my children and my craft room.
Sometimes leaps of faith come in dire circumstances; a year ago, with the economy being what it is,  Arden lost his job.  He was able to secure a “job” part time at the high school teaching woodworking.  The other part of his time, he’s at Home Depot as a millwork specialist.  I use the term “job” loosely because he so enjoys what he’s doing it doesn’t really feel like work.
As if playing in sawdust all day at “work” weren’t enough, he started making book shelves, hooks, and benches for family members and friends. Being and avid boutiquer, I thought Arden had a beautiful talent he needed to share.  I approached him about looking into getting some of his work in a boutique.  We agreed it might be a good source of extra income, and in preparation for Forget Me Not; have started building new and fun items.  
I have always loved shopping boutiques and I am so thrilled to now have a chance to be a part of Molly’s.  We hope you will enjoy Arden’s work.

You guys have got to see Arden's work!  I look at it and think how'd I get so lucky to get Arden into my boutique, but I'm gonna take that gift and run with it!
Until next post...


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introducing Shannyn of My Girls Baby Items

This week marks the beginning of our vendor bios. Part of the passion for my boutique is the people that I get to work with.  I want to share each of them with you!
I found Shannyn perusing KSL one day.  Alot of people are capable of making baby items,   What drew me to Shannyn was her dedication to her products and her willingness to use vintage inspired fabrics.  And that reflects the overall style of the store.  Upon contacting her, her enthusiasm showed through and through, which just excited me even more.  I'm excited to add her to my team and showcase her beautiful items.  Without further ado let me introduce to you Shannyn!

With a name like "My Girls" you'd expect several little girls from this married mom of one (little boy) and one on the way!  Not so.  
"The name of my company comes from my family actually!  I proudly come from a family of all women. We get together once a month to visit, catch up with one another, and craft.  When we all started having kids I tried my hand at a few baby items.  Then when I was expecting, one of my friends gifted me a carseat cover. It was all over from there.  I learned how to make the covers added them to my quickly growing repertoire.  I started gifting my handmade goods to friends and family.  With  such a warm reception amongst friends and family, I decided I'd try my hand at a boutique.  I was so pleased with the response, I did a few more.  My work brought me to Molly, and now I get to take a little spot in her store to showcase my fun baby stuff.  This is the highest compliment someone could pay me; Molly noticed my products, all the time and care I have put into each of them, and now she wants to help me get them out to her clients.  
Needless to say, I can't WAIT for the store to open; I love making people happy, and sharing my passion with so many!  See you all very soon."

Stay tuned!  I have many more vendors to share with you.  Don't forget to find us on Facebook, and like us.  We'll see you soon.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How'd we get here?

My name is Molly Wadley Rees. 
Welcome, welcome!  Come in, curl up, let's chat!
Have you ever had a crazy idea?  One that starts out as, "wouldn't it be cool if..." followed by a nervous laugh and a quick "that's crazy"?  This is the story of my "that's crazy" idea.
I'm the typical Stay At Home Mom.  Married, three children, living in the Riverton/Herriman area.  My days are filled with the typical SAHM things; volunteering at school, running kids to sports, cleaning, making dinner.  Am I speaking your language yet? 
In looking for a creative outlet, I along with my sister, and our lovely hubbys came up with Creative Calendars.  We put them in a few boutiques and experienced a little success.  From there the snowball started rolling.  We went from our calendars to other items and from a few boutiques to a few more, then a store in Pleasant Grove.  My sister and I thought our ideas were working so well, why not try hosting a boutique a couple times a year.  Our mom has the cutest little farmhouse in Lehi, my sister and I knew that was exactly the location we wanted.  Again we experienced a great response to our idea.  Problem was this, mom got a little tired of converting her home into a store a few times a year (who wouldn't) and we grew too big for our britches and ran out of storage room.  So we called it quits.  
Meanwhile, my dad was in the process of building his bowling center in Lehi.  I had the thought, "I should open a store using one of the units he is building to the side of the bowling center ."  I followed that thought with, "That's crazy!" but I couldn't let go.  So, I threw out my idea to members of my family.  They confirmed that I was indeed crazy, but they hopped aboard the crazy train and are still riding with me today, cheering me at every turn.

This is my passion.   I want to offer antiques, furniture, and home decor at a decent price.  Antiques in Utah can be so overpriced.  We have a lot of talent here in Utah,  I have been led to many talented people who have become vendors.  They do incredible work and I am very excited to showcase their merchandise.  I'm excited to work with them, and I'm excited to bring these talents to one spot and to share them with you!  
As for location, well,  I grew up in Lehi , it holds my youth, my memories, my dreams.  Now I get to give a little of my heart back to the town that raised me.  
I'm excited to open Forget Me Not Boutique and want to thank everyone who has helped to make it happen!
Stay tuned!  While we have a few weeks before we open the doors, there is a lot going on!
On here, I'll be adding vendor bio's and other fun things.  On Facebook, we'll keep you entertained with pics, blurbs, and updates to opening dates and activities.  
Thanks for "chatting" with me, cant' wait to see you again...on here and in the store!